Administrative proceedings

Penalties for traffic and consumption: Presentation of demands and resources in administrative and administrative litigation before the courts for traffic fines and consumption.

Procedures for foreigners

Medical Negligence: Claims against public hospitals and the regional administration medical malpractice.


Inheritance Law: drafting of testaments, inheritance execution of operations included in the testament, estate planning.

Marriage contract: Prenuptial agreements are any covenant or agreement that spouses established to regulate the financial system of their marriage. We assist in drafting prenup and change of property division.

Divorce: Advice on the economic consequences of divorce, negotiating and drafting separation agreements or request for child custody, extrajudicial claim pension and breaches of contract, including visitation.

Real estate : drafting and reviewing contract deposit, private purchase contract and the signing of the deed , conducting due diligence on the status of the property prior to purchase.

Claims for payment: Introducing dunning demands, rents and evictions

Claims against banks and other financial institutions: Claim against unfair contracts, such as Swap, financial derivatives etc.


Incorporation: we offer our clients legal advisory services of incorporation in both China and Spain, to help them solve the related problems. Our service range includes: company constitution, drafting contracts and articles of association, registration in tax and social security bureau, filing in the Ministry of Commerce, etc.

Drafting of commercial contracts: franchise, distribution, agency, loan, deposit and other commercial contracts.

Company resolution text and Shareholder text: Legalization and compliance with mandatory commercial books of companies domiciled in Spain.

Bankruptcy: Introducing pre bankruptcy negotiations and bankruptcy proceedings, liability defense parts.

Protection the rights of creditors: presentation of written credits communication, follow-up bankruptcy proceedings and liquidation of the bankrupt assets.

Advice on directors/legal person´s responsibility: writing reports of the status of companies and potential liability of its directors.


Tax crimes: Accompanying statement and defense at any stage and in any court proceedings for crimes against the Treasury and the Social Security and money laundering.

Economic crimes: Presentation of complaints and defend falsehoods accused in crimes, frauds, embezzlement and insolvency offenses.

Intellectual Property Crimes: Defense and private prosecution of crimes against the rights of intellectual property, especially in brand falsehoods.

Family law crimes: Defense of domestic violence crimes against family relationship.

Violations of defamation crimes: libel, slander and coercion.

Assault crimes: we have rich experience in the representation of the client in crimes of injuries, both private prosecution and defense.

Accounting services: we offer accounting services to companies, self-employers and non-profit organizations, we also make the accounting texts, audit accounting settlement, make regular annual tax returns and making accounting statements.

Corporate restructuring: we provide accounting solutions to corporate mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and financial due diligence.

Tax inspection: for the administration of the IRD, to provide customers with advice and assistance , particularly those representing clients cope with the tax inspection.

Anti-money laundering investigation (airport): Spanish airports strictly forbid the behavior of carrying cash for suspected money laundering. We provide customers with appeal services.


Residence and work permits: We have extensive experience in processing applications for visa, residence and work permits. The permissions that we process are: residence and gainful employment, residence and work for themselves, rootedness, passive residence (for investment), family reunion, renewal and modification of all types of residence permit.

Nationality:: assist Spanish naturalization procedures.

Intellectual and industrial property law

Trademarks: Registration of Chinese, Spanish, European and international trademarks

Forgery: Lawsuits and defense in civil and criminal penalties for counterfeiting and violations of intellectual property.

Patents and industrial designs: Advice on registration of patents and industrial designs, resource development and other application for revocation of patents.

Contracts relating to intellectual property: Drafting of contracts and Transferable contracts.

Labor Law

Labor services: Payroll, registration and cancellation of employee social insurance, drafting employment contracts, etc.

Labor inspection: providing the appeal service against the labor inspection.

Records of employment regulation (ERE): Processing of this procedure by which a company obtains authorization to suspend or fire workers collectively.

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